• Over 2.5 Million loaves of experience.

How can our baked goods taste so good ...
and yet be gluten-free?

Skill + time + imagination + experimentation + dedication = achievement.

Bakery Opening Hours

  • 9am - 4pm Tuesday - Friday
  • 9am - 1pm Saturday
  • Closed Public Holidays and other holiday times
    (check our Facebook page)

Click and Collect Hours

  • Order Placement
    Before 10:00pm before your collection day.
  • Collect / Pickup
    Tuesday - Friday - 2-4pm
    Saturday 12-1pm



Our gluten-free breads are made from a dough and not a batter, and closely resemble wheat breads in aroma, texture, taste, crust, and variety.

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Our gluten-free flakey and shortcrust pastry products (even profiteroles and eclairs) made from our mix are unparalleled in the marketplace

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Sweet Things

Our gluten-free cakes and slices are full of flavour and don’t feel dry or crumbly. We keep sugars to a minimum.

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GFMix Flour

GFMix is the flour that is used to bake all the products in the bakery. You can now order and bake at home as well

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New Freedom Bakery - 236 Short Street Bendigo