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How can our baked goods taste so good... and yet be gluten-free?

Our New Opening Hours

9am - 4pm Tuesday - Friday
9am -1.00pm Saturdays

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There is simply no substitute for having a dedicated gluten free bakery with skilled bakers and pastry chefs with time to work on a range of favourite baked products ... minus the pesky gluten.

Skill + time + imagination + experimentation + dedication = achievement.


Our gluten-free breads are made from a dough and not a batter, and closely resemble wheat breads in aroma, texture, taste, crust, and variety.


Our gluten-free flakey and shortcrust pastry products (even profiteroles and eclairs) made from the pastry mix are unparalleled in the marketplace.


Our gluten-free cakes and slices are full of flavour and don’t feel dry or crumbly. We do not use excess sugars.

Here are some of our GLUTEN FREE products

Not all of these products are available on any particular day or week.
Please call regarding daily product availability.


We hear about many gluten-free breads being made from over processed “empty starches” that do not provide the nutrition of wheat breads. Breads made with our Tru-Dough Flour Mix provide many health benefits. In response we have developed breads that are low FODMAP, low GI and have a 4/5 Health Star rating, even for our white breads.